What is Scam Coin ?
A community-driven project aiming to report a multi-million dollar problem in the cryptosphere: Scams.

Scam Coin is one of the few crypto currencies that rewards its holders in $BUSD, a crypto pegged one-to-one with the US dollar.

This feature is critical as most scammed investors remember the amount of dollars they lost and not the millions of meme tokens they were dispossessed of by scammers. Consequently, Scam Coin gave them $BUSD to bridge the gap.

Simply by holding $SCAM tokens, users will receive a 10% reward BUSD for each transaction, which will automatically be transferred to their wallet every 60 minutes. We are giving previously scammed holders their money back!

Scam Coin aims to improve trust in the cryptosphere by building a native ScamReport© App.

We are building a comprehensive and simple Web App to report suspected and confirmed scams in the cryptocurrency world.

The alpha version of the ScamReport© app will be launched Q1 2022 and the iOS & Android version will follow Q2 2022.

To prevent rather than cure and protect investors, we will put in place a certification system for new crypto projects through careful due diligence and investigation based on severed criteria such as:

• Doxxed team
• Wallet transparency
• Anti rug-pull systems
• & more

We want to offer this certification on PinkSale so that investors can choose their project with a higher level of security than the current level.

We plan to allocate a major budget to prosecute reported scammers, to bring more justice in the cryptosphere. This is the ultimate goal of Scam Coin.

Our team is based in Switzerland 🇨🇭 
The land of the Crypto Valley.

Scam Coin received KYC from the PinkSale team 🔒 and has been Audited by SolidProof ✅

Our Core Team

6 IRL friends who couldn’t stand being scammed.


Our Head Dev


Our Product Lead


Our Community Lead


Our Project Coordinator


Our Marketing Manager


Our Partnerships Manager
Recent News

CoinMarketCap Listing Update

We have applied for listing on CMC and we are waiting for an update.

Buy Contest (29.12.2021)

  The biggest buy in the next 24h hours will receive 0.25 BNB of $SCAM !

Our WebApp Beta is Live !

You can now check our beta. The team would be delighted to have your feedbacks.

Scam Coin has been Audited 

 We have received the Audit Certification from Solid Proof.

Read our 5th Community AMA

We organized our fifth community AMA on Wednesday. Read the transcript now !

Presale completed in 4 hours !

We’re happy to announce we have reached our 200BNB Hardcap goal in 4 hours

Scam Coin Tokenomics
We are dedicated to be fully transparent.
Presale started
November 26th 2021, 12.00 CET
November 26th 2021, 16.00 CET
Hard cap
200 BNB
Soft cap
100 BNB
1 Quadrillion $SCAM
Presale Min. Buy
0.2 BNB
Presale Max. Buy
Project Protocol
Binance Smart Chain
Presale Rate
1 BNB = 1,150,000,000,000 $SCAM
Listing Rate
1 BNB = 950,000,000,000 $SCAM
Our Roadmap
a long term vision with honest and doable goals
Quarter 4, 2021

Project Launch
Release Smart Contract
Release website
1st Marketing campaign
KYC by PinkSale
AMA on Telegram Group
Presale launch on Pinksale
Audit By SolidProof
ScamReport© App Beta Release
Listing on Pancake Swap
Liquidity Lock
500+ Holders
1000+ Telegram members

Quarter 1, 2022

ScamReport© App Alpha Release
Listing on CoinMarketCap
Listing on CoinGecko
iOS ScamReport© App
Android ScamReport © App
Open Office in Switzerland
2nd Intensive Marketing Campaign
10,000+ Holders
5,000+ Telegram members

Quarter 2, 2022

Launch of ScamAudit©
Audit 1st Project on PinkSale
3rd Intensive Marketing Campaign
1st Community Vote
100M Market Cap Objective
30,000+ Holders
15,000 Telegram members

How to buy $SCAM
start receiving BUSD rewards now
Scam Coin contract address

Slippage: Use 15-18%

The following address is for the $SCAM token contract. It is NOT a deposit address. Do NOT send tokens to it. 

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Join our growing community and be part of Scam Coin’s mission !

Community-driven platform to report
and prosecute crypto scams,
redistributing a 10% BUSD reward among holders